Who is that censored in yellow?

Episode SummaryEdit

Today started out fine for the little girl, Lilo, and her mutant dog alien, Stitch, until a sickening sound of a boom happened. A portal opened. Was experiment 606 back? No, a portal to a different world openened. Out stepped a Moehog (Neopets) called Grass Kandy. Jumba Jookiba thought it was Experiement 000, but no! It wasn't. Stitch felt hostility with the next thing that stepped out: a Grarrl (Neopet) called Serbia. It was a fight over worlds: the humans versus the Neopians. Who will win? The Neopians or humans? It is up to you to decide.

Pudding Hall fell down in this episode, but they fixed it.

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After 40 days and 40 nights the humans prevailed over the Neopians. Once they were defeated they went back to the portal and went home. After that the Humans and experiments were crowned Kings and Queens of the earth. The lilo woke up. Too bad it was a dream. The Lilo then got so depressed, that she drank a glass of water and spit it out on a neopet. She screamed and grabbed Doctor Jumba Jookiba's gun and shot it.

THE END</small></small>