Cutter is released from his pod and is planning to chop up landmarks.


It just rained. A puddle is behind a man's car. The trunk is open. Cutter's pod is in the beginning of the trunk. The man pushes the trunk door down, causing the pod to go into the puddle. Cutter is activated and cuts the man's car. He cuts his house, plants, fence, gate, mailbox, anything that you can name that he had, he chopped it up. The man runs, screaming for his life.

At O'Little's house, O'Little is playing cards with Stitch. Stitch cheats and sneaks some cards in his mouth. When O'Little is about to win, Stitch spits out a card that beats O'Little's card. Stitch then spits out the rest of the cards, which combined, beat the rest of O'Little's deck. O'Little yells at Stitch for cheating, and immediately, Cutter chops the door open. Stitch throws O'Little's deck at him, but he chops it up.

Stitch picks up the couch and whacks Cutter with it. O'Little captures it in a pod, which is sliced. Cutter runs to a famous Hawaiian building, which he chops up. O'Little and Stitch ride in a go-cart named the Vehicool that has a lot of features. More Coming Soon.