Experiment Zords (ExperiGT in Japanese) is the fifth zords series of Power Rangers Alien Strike. After fourth zords series were finished, It different as Dino Zord in Mighty Morphin, Turbozord and Rescuezord in Turbo, and the Wheelzord in RPM. Also the zords has two new features. This one of feature is Exolution means evolve into different form. one of two features is Zord-Cross means combine with Experiment Zords (Unlike series zords, Experiment Zords only used is Dillan Joo's Counter Level). This Experiment Zords was model of Galactabeasts.

This Experiment Zords series is:

Fire Zords (Blaze of Courage in Japanese)

Water Zords (Aqua of Friendship in Japanese)

Wood Zords (Grassy of Magical in Japanese)

Wind Zords (Air of Mind in Japanese)

Steel Zords (Metalix of Life in Japanese)

Lighting Zords (Thunder of Strike in Japanese)

Rock Zords (Earthquake of Power in Japanese)