There are lots of experiments that are fanmade

Here is a list:

000: Disgusting/Stupid WeaponsEdit

These are very disgusting, or have useless abilities. Some can change everything.

001: Jalapeno - Designed to eat spicy food

002: Gross - Designed to say disgusting words.

003: Pwned - Designed to beat you up in video games.

004: Reamote - Designed to watch TV.

005: Google - Designed to do searches on Google

006: Hamster - Designed to be a hamster.

007: Worm - Designed to replace spaghetti with worms.

008: Sausage Eater - Designed to eat sausage.

009: Mod - Designed to mod video games.

010: Skunk - Designed to fart.

011: Puff The Magic Dragon - Designed to sing "Puff The Magic Dragon".

012: Underpants - Designed to walk around in his underwear.

013: Jerky - Designed to eat jerky.

014: Computer - Designed to destroy computers.

015: Mario - Designed to play Wii games.

016: Luigi - 015's brother.

017: Bark - A dog-like experiment designed to bark all the time.

018: Meow - A cat-like experiment designed to meow all the time.

019: Chirp - A bird-like experiment designed to chirp all the time.

020: Jumanji - Designed to play magic board games.

021: Rocky Racoon - Designed to sing Beatles songs.

022: Spaghetti - Designed to eat spaghetti.

023: Brain Swap - Designed to swap everyone's brains

024: Bubbles - Designed to make everyone blow bubbles in their sleep

025: Reverse - Designed to make everyone speak reverse

026: Ningel - Angel's evil twin who dislikes Stitch and loves, evil and Leory

027: Fannon - An elephant/bunny-like alien that uses it's tail as fan.

028: Bugbite - A mosquito-like experiment that can bite in any form.

029: Esrever - Designed to reverse anything.

030: Tits - The opposite of Stitch. He works with Olil, the opposite of Lilo, and loves Ningel, although she loves Leroy. He can also fly, turn intangible, and blast energy beams.

031: Lavasteel - Designed to have metal and lava.

032: Jussomegold - Designed to turn anything into gold.

033: Splitter - Designed to split anything.

034: Ager - Designed to make anything age by leaving a number bomb on it.

035: Stinkacus - Designed to make anything stink.

036: 4-D - Designed to make anything 4-D.

037: Species - Designed to play with hands

038: Nose - Designed to eat everyone's nose

039: Gum - Designed to stick gum everywhere

040: Frog and Toad - Designed to make everyone turn into frogs and toads

041: Fly - Designed to make everyone fly

042: Voodoo - Designed to make voodoo dolls and control everyone

043: Sting - A bee-fly like experiment thar is designed to sting everyone.

044: Dumbo - Designed to blow green bubbles

045: Brave - Designed to make everyone brave and honest

046: Jelly - Designed to put jelly on everyone's sandwichs

047: Peanut Butter - 046's brother

048: Stork - Designed to turn dogs and cats into puppies and kittens

049: Leo the Lion - Designed to roar all the time

050: Shockerprank - Designed to shock everyone with an unexpected prank.

051: Whoopsee - Designed to turn the world into a whoopie cushion.

052: Oinktopus - Designed to oink as an octopus all the time.

053: Squawktopus - Designed to squawk as an octopus all the time.

054: Cutter - A crab-like experiment designed to cut anything in half.

055: Windblow - A butterfly-like experiment designed to blow anything.

056: Vacuumo - A giant vacuum experiment designed to suck everything up.

057: Lavablow - A bouncing experiment with a volcano on his head designed to shoot lava.

058: Rushmore - Designed to turn you into rock.

059: Liberty - Designed to turn you into metal.

060: Everglades - Designed to turn you into water.

061: Frenchfly - A fly like experiment designed to turn french fries into flies.

062: Purrmaid - Designed to meow and purr as a mermaid.

063: Garbag - A racoon-like experiment with a trash can-like body. He eats trash, and the trash piles up in bags that he drops.

064: Io - A green experiment that shoots powerful blasts.

065: Drillhands - An orange experiment that drills into the Earth.

066: Nothing-Ness - Designed to do nothing, but jumps high.

067: Constcurt - A vehicle alien that transforms into construction vehicles.

068: Stormer - Designed to create massive storms.

069: Scarioise - A purple Phantasmo-like experiment that makes scary noises.

070: Loch-Lock - A Loch Ness Monster-like experiment that locks people inside.

071: Imperson - She is Tank-like and impersonates you. She does bad stuff in your image.

072: Unmemorize - Designed to make people forget stuff they memorized.

073: Whathappens - Designed to tell people what happens next.

074: Frank - Designed to make people see everyone as monsters.

075: Sharkbite - Designed to turn people into fish.

076: Poach- Designed to turn people into animals.

077: Toon- Designed to destroy all cartoon shows and turns them into musical tunes.

078: Serum- Designed to call jealousy to anyone.

079: Coaster- Designed to spew coffee out of his mouth and heat cold drinks.





















100: Athletic ExperimentsEdit

These are strong, athletic, fast, helping, etc.

100: Target Bust - A toad-like alien that is a living target.

101: Basket-Beat - A Target Bust-like alien that is designed to beat anyone at basketball. The only way to stop him is to beat him at basketball.

102: Pastshow - A Teletubbie-like alien that shows a clip of the past.

103: Futureshow - An upside-down Pastshow-like alien that shows a clip of the future.

104: Razzi - A Whathappens-like experiment that is designed to cause paparazzi on people.

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