Stitch 3: Clash with the Titan is a spin-off movie about experiment 786 landing on Earth and his battle with Stitch.


Jumba is in his lab. "Finally! I've finished the final experiment!" Jumba takes his goggles off and picks up a small black sphere with white numbers reading, 786. BANG! BANG! BANG! "Jumba, open the door! You are under arrest!" "No!" Jumba grabs the sphere and puts it in a thin tube in the wall. The door bursts open and several lizard-like soldiers in beige uniforms run in. "Put your hands up!"

The sphere shoots through the tube into a small space pod. Flames shoot out the back and the pod launches into the air.The pod shoots across space, around it everything starts distorting until it disappears, leaving nothing but a ripple, like on water.

Not far from Earth it emerges from another ripple and shoots towards Earth.