Titan is the final experiment created by Jumba, just before his death. He put its pod in a smal space shuttle and sent it to Earth. But on its way it fell into a wormhole and was shot back in time. It landed on Earth a few days before Stitch left. Stitch found the pod and put it in water out of curiosity. Titan emerged and, being made evil, trashed Hawaii. Stitch teamed up with all the other Experiments to take him down. But Titan took most of the experiments out leaving only Stitch and 627. (Stitch 3: Clash with the Titan) REST TO BE ADDED!


Titan has the same powers as Stitch except three times as powerful. He can also cause minor earthquakes and shoot fire balls from the blaster on the back of his head.

What he could do:Edit

  • Attack you
  • Laugh at you
  • Call you a "Filthy Ape"
  • Throw stuff at you