Name: Vixxi

Nicknames?: Fuzzy, Sis

Age: Supposed to be younger than all other experiments, though possibly not younger than the baby experiment, Babyfier.

Backstory: Her creator was a 7 year old girl named Alinah. Alinah wanted to make an experiment similar to Stitch. She failed in more ways than one. First of all, she wanted to make a boy, an instead made a girl (a tomboy). Second, she wanted one that looked EXACTLY like Stitch, and instead got a smaller than Stitch, no 6 limbs, no antenna girl Stitch with a long fluffy tail. She named her Vixxi after the vixen that just died a few months ago that was her pet. Vixxi, a few weeks later, hit her head on something hard, and this triggered a permanent glitch, that made her have to be locked up at all times. A second hit on the head cured her to an extent, you shouldn't make her angry or she will snap back to this hostile condition until she calms down. She met Stitch while hiding in her secret place where she made a hammock and her own table for food to be put on. He was looking for Alinah, who had died in the last accident, and instead found Vixxi. She looked so much like him to him that he adopted her as his little sister. She met Lilo when she followed Stitch back home after meeting him, and Lilo decided to keep Vixxi.

Appearance: Same blue color as Stitch and she has bangs and short Sonic-styled hair. She has a green spiral marking on her furry chest that turns red when she is about to become evil again. She is almost a whole Stitch's head shorter than Stitch and she has a tail she can wrap around her body, she has ears longer than Stitch's ears, almost like hair, and she has larger eyes than Stitch and a cyan circle around her left eye. Her evil self is taller and is as tall as Stitch with claws, longer, sharper fangs, and longer hair and ears and wilder fur.

Personality: Shy, paranoid and cowardly, she somewhat has an opposite personality to Stitch. Her evil self is bent on destroying everyone and everything, an opposite to the normal Vixxi.